IT Support Plymouth

When it comes to delivering the best IT Support in Plymouth, you can count on Praestantia Technology to provide top-level service. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your meeting rooms with the latest technology, have someone manage your business IT services for you or upgrade your school IT suites, Praestantia can help. 

Within our team, we have over three decades of in-house experience within the industry and continuously ensure we’re up to date with the latest technologies available. If you’re a business or educational facility looking for IT Support in Plymouth, look no further.

Managed IT Services Plymouth

We understand that often in business and education there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage everything efficiently. Our Managed IT Services can help relieve some pressure on you and your company by providing the correct expertise to maintain your IT systems, infrastructure and hardware for you. 

We can assess your systems to ensure they are working smoothly whilst identifying and resolving any technical issues that may arise so that they don’t affect your business. When these technical issues do arise, our helpdesk will quickly flag up these concerns so that we can fix them appropriately, meaning minimum to no downtime to your business/school.

Business IT Support Plymouth

The business IT Support service in Plymouth that we provide has been created to allow companies to adapt their technology to serve their company better. We use innovative technology so that your business is equipped with the latest advancements to promote collaborative, communicative work. This allows you to be more productive in what you do and create engaging spaces for your workforce. Whether this is installing audio visual solutions that will benefit your company, or installing video conferencing systems so that you can communicate better with remote workers. 

We’re aware that with business, IT Support and solutions are not a one-size-fits-all service and therefore we will work with you to create something that will best suit your needs. By creating something more bespoke to you, you will be able to feel the benefits of a more productive workforce and a working environment that is both inventive and creative.

School IT Support Plymouth

Over the past few years, we have seen an increased demand in IT solutions for school and other educational settings. If you’re based in Plymouth and looking for School IT support services, our industry experts can certainly assist in creating something bespoke to you. 

By providing you with a personalised solution, we can ensure that the needs of both your staff and students are being met. We can offer a full range of audio visual solutions for both classrooms and school halls that can create a more efficient, engaging learning environment - allowing you to put learning first whilst adapting to modern technology. 

We can also assist with the creation of cloud computing solutions that will be of great benefit to your staff. This allows them to keep connected to the tools that they need to be able to do their job efficiently, whether they are in the classroom or working from home.

Enquire About IT Support in Plymouth

If you’re a business or school looking for new innovative ways to improve your company’s productivity through technology, our Plymouth IT Support team can assist. If you have any questions regarding our service, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at or by calling 0330 124 4731.

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