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Praestantia Technology’s team draw on over three decades of experience to deliver first-rate IT support in Exeter. We provide both managed IT support and technology solutions to businesses and educational institutions. Our team help Exeter schools protect their students online and develop more engaging learning environments. We also utilise the latest technology and our years of IT support in Exeter to help businesses of all sizes create workspaces which foster productivity, creativity and collaboration. 


Managed IT Services Exeter

IT infrastructure is the backbone for most schools and businesses. At Praestantia Technology we understand that your time is best spent educating or running your businesses not managing your IT systems. Our experts provide managed IT support in Exeter providing ongoing support and often spotting and resolving issues before you notice them. This allows you to focus on what you do best, run your business. Plus, when things do go wrong, we are on hand with our dedicated help desk to support and assist.

Our wide array of IT support services includes hardware, network and server support. Whether you need to maintain your hardware or require a reliable data storage solution we can assist.


Business IT Support Exeter

At Praestantia Technology we don’t just help you keep your current IT infrastructure running, we also help you elevate it. We provide the latest technology to businesses through our business IT support services in Exeter. Working with you to identify your requirements we can strive to deliver the best audio-visual, video conferencing and interactive display technology. 

We reimagine workspaces through technology. Through our use of technology our business IT support team can improve productivity, creativity and collaboration across your business. We can even create amazing solutions for virtual collaborations so even those not in the room can experience the benefits. 

We work with you from beginning to end to identify your needs, installing the technology and training users. 

School IT Support Exeter

We also provide IT support for schools in Exeter. We work with all manner of educational institutions to create more engaging workspaces and environments. In addition to our managed IT support services designed to keep things running smoothly and protect your students while on the web we provide leading technology to the education sector. We work to your requirements helping you find a way to leverage new and innovative technologies to deliver a better classroom experience.

We offer a host of technologies as well as cloud computing and interactive solutions. Plus our team are experienced in delivery ICT suites suited to the demands of modern information and communication technology education.

Enquire About IT Support In Exeter

If you require IT support in Exeter, Praestantia technology is the company to speak to. We would love to discuss your needs and help you fulfil your vision for a better work or learning environment by harnessing the power of modern workplace technology and IT infrastructure. To learn more about what we can do for your business or school get contact us by calling us on 0330 124 4731. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email at

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