IT Support Chippenham

Our IT Support in Chippenham combines both our years of industry experience with the latest technologies. This allows us to provide both businesses and schools with highly efficient IT solutions and expert advice so that we can create productive working and learning environments.

Managed IT Services Chippenham

Whether you’re a growing or established business or school, we can provide a range of managed IT Services throughout the Chippenham area. There can be nothing more frustrating in the workplace than when technical issues occur and cause disruption, particularly in a situation like a school assembly or client meeting. This is where the team at Praestantia Technology come in. We can provide you with ongoing IT support from our helpdesk so that we can identify and begin to resolve issues before they cause you any problems, helping you to avoid disruption where you can.

But that’s not all; we can deliver a full, extensive range of services from web filtering and backup services to server storage and firewalls - all in aid of keeping your systems safe and secure as well as efficient. As well as provide you with the latest technologies to make communication issues a thing of the past, we can help you on your way to a productive working space.

Business IT Support Chippenham

When it comes to modern workplace technology, we can provide you with a bespoke solution to suit your working requirements and needs. Our team of industry experts can work to assess your current situation and work to your goals to provide you with IT support and solutions, increasing collaboration and communication across your company. The Chippenham based Business IT Support services can give you the access you need to audio visual technology, meeting room technology, interactive displays and more. Thus ensuring that you have everything you need to be productive.

As we integrate this type of technology into your business, you will begin to see the results almost immediately. These advancements allow you to provide your workforce with more creative, flexible and technologically-friendly ways of working with no disruption.

School IT Support Chippenham

As a team, we’re proud that we can extend our IT support beyond business and offer it within the education sector also. We can apply all the unique technologies that we provide to business clients as well as an impressive range of options that are more specific to the education sector, allowing us to create great learning environments. 

The IT Support that we deliver in Chippenham ensures that students have the best technologically advanced environments to learn in, so that they can become creative and productive themselves. An example of this is seen in our installation of ICT Suites that can create engaging settings for them to learn.

Enquire About IT Support in Chippenham

If you need IT Support in the Chippenham or the surrounding area, we would love to hear about your project and needs. Regardless of whether you’re a business looking for new audio visual solutions or an educational institution looking to improve communication, we are confident we can assist. Please call us on 0330 124 4731 or email us on where one of them team will be on hand to help.

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