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Welcome to Praestantia Technology. We are a team of industry experts providing managed IT services in Bridgwater. With more than 30 years of experience in house, our team provides specialised services for both businesses and the education sector. Combining years of industry expertise with the latest trends we develop IT support solutions tailored to your goals. To see why we are the go-to team for IT support in Bridgwater read more on our managed IT services, business IT support and IT solutions for education below.

Managed IT Services Bridgwater

Our managed IT services have become the backbone of many businesses and schools in Bridgwater and Somerset. Proactively helping to keep Bridgwater’s schools and Businesses running smoothly our managed IT services include everything from server backup’s to meeting room technology. We understand that IT services require specialist skillsets which is why Praestantia Technology is the perfect partner for you. our team of experts have specialist knowledge in a variety of areas and can provide managed IT services in all of them. We fully design, implement and maintain IT systems so you can focus on running your business and educating.

Business IT Support Bridgwater

Our IT support offering in Bridgwater delivers cutting-edge technology and support that underpins today's modern workspaces. We help you shape a more flexible, collaborative and productive workforce by integrating technology into your work environments. We can rejuvenate your collaborative spaces such as meeting room technology and interactive displays. We deliver the best collaborative workspaces including virtual solutions for remote alliances.

Our experienced helpdesk IT Support team have delivered solutions just like this for businesses across Bridgwater and the southwest. Every project is bespoke to your needs. There is no one size fits all solution. We work to identify your requirements and continue through design and installation. We follow up with user training to ensure you get the most out of your IT solutions. We strip away all the complexity and provide a swift solution supported by great customer experience.  

All of our technology installations can be supported by expert IT consultancy and managed IT support.


School IT Support Bridgwater

Much like the businesses we work with schools also require the very best in IT solutions and support. At Praestantia Technology we take great pride in the role we play in the education sector. Delivering IT support to schools in Bridgwater we can help you deliver a first-class education. Dependence on IT infrastructure to deliver education is ever increasing. This means the demand for reliable IT support is also rising. At Praestantia our team of experts are always up to date with the latest technology developments meaning we can keep you up and running and help avoid disruption to teaching.

Our ongoing support will often find and address issues before you even notice their effects. Plus our 24/7 technical support gives you access to technical support which can help you get your teaching back on track.

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If you would like to discuss your IT support requirements you can call us on 0330 124 4731 or email us at We would love to discuss your needs and speak to you about some of the solutions we could offer your educational institution or business.

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