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Let us take care of your IT

Increasingly, ICT has become paramount to delivering the curriculum in schools, but also for improving efficiencies within Multi Academy Trusts. The future of ICT is truly awe inspiring; not only for business leaders but for where it really counts - in the delivery of quality education to our future generations.

At Praestantia we are forward thinking and passionate about delivering new technology that pushes the boundaries. In fact, the team at Praestantia been providing progressive technology for the past 25 Years into the Education market.

Praestantia are a credible partner for your MAT

Over the years we've worked with hundreds of schools and MATs, supporting them with the development of their IT infrastructure and systems, as well as strategic planning. 

We understand the challenges that a MAT would typically experience, right from a small 2 or 3 school cluster to a growing Trust, or even one that is at capacity. All have the same common goal of providing an excellent education experience to its pupils and a creative environment for its staff. 

The team at Praestantia are passionate about delivering new forward thinking technology that pushes the boundaries to enable the best possible learning environment.

Our research shows that budgets are tightening even further, however we believe that with our collaborative approach we can deliver savings, as well as adding value and enhancing the education experience for both pupils and staff alike.

In a nutshell, we think that our exceptional team, with our passion for education, make Praestantia the ideal partner for your MAT. 

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