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Secure, resilient server and backup solutions 

The data stored within a school setting is growing at a rapid rate and as a result the storage requirements are also increasing. The team at Praestantia Technology understand the importance of having the correct storage and backup solutions in place to not only meet your school’s data demands but to securely back up your crucial admin and curriculum data.

Hardware, performance and manageability challenges no longer need to be a problem for schools. Praestantia Technology offer specialist advice on how to achieve the maximum from your existing hardware, the installation of new server hardware as well as a plan to begin your migration to the cloud. No matter the option, we will strive to help your school significantly reduce costs, time and space with a storage and backup solution that’s right for you.

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Need a new server or want to move to the cloud?

Our specialist team can offer you the best advice on how to best manage your data.