Our MAT Approach


Our approach is to partner with your Multi Academy Trust and develop a strong, healthy working relationship. Our dedicated experts will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and vision.

Don’t worry – we have oodles of experience working with academies. We will quickly be able to understand the complexities of your trust and how best to shape the way forward. 


We will work with you to fully scope a project, making sure to address all of the challenges to your business efficiency. This stage could include a variety of audits to accurately assess your current capability. Then we will make a number of recommendations to provide a complete solution that meets all of your business objectives and required outputs.

It is essential at this stage to ensure that any ICT solutions allow your teachers to deliver the curriculum. There is absolutely no point in developing something that hinders the educational targets of the academies. Our experience is invaluable here as we have long since realised that ‘one size does not fit all’! 

The Solution

So what happens next? Well, once we have fully understood the parameters of the project we can start to design and develop the solution.

It probably helps at this stage to think of the overarching project as a family tree. At the top sits the trust, below that the academies and below that the teachers etc etc drilling right down to the needs of all the students. This approach allows us to design a solution that meets both the needs of individual teachers, leadership team and pupils.


Next is the exciting delivery bit! We will provide you with a project plan that details each stage of the project, key milestone and deliverables. During this period we will be regularly liaising with all stakeholders to ensure that all tasks fit in with you and keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. Once and installation work is complete then training will be scheduled to ensure that that everyone makes the best possible use of their new shiny ICT system! 

The Future

Don’t worry, we don’t just abandon you after the project has been delivered. In addition to the training, we will make sure that your system is fully supported by our IT and Education Team. This is a partnership and we will continue to work with you and help your ICT evolve as your trust expands or changes. Like you, we are in it for the long haul! 

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