MAT Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions that won’t dampen your spirits 

More and more the way we live is in the Cloud, so having a strategy on Cloud deployment throughout your MAT enables your students and teachers to use technology the way they live.

For the last 5 years or more, Cloud computing has really started to make an impact on our daily lives and in technology. With Microsoft, Google and others all trying to compete within the space, pricing has also become more manageable.

The DfE recently released a guidance paper that outlines the importance of schools utilising Cloud computing services.

When moving to the Cloud your MAT can take positive steps to reducing technology that has little impact on your business and the education of your pupils, and start saving on large capital and support costs. 

Demisting the Cloud .... so to speak 

At Praestantia we realise that jumping into the Cloud can be big move. We will break it down into manageable steps and help you to create your vision.

Moving to the Cloud has huge advantages such as:-

  • Deliver education solutions straight into the classroom
  • Allow students to use  a huge range of technology to enhance their learning experience
  • Reduce the time teachers spend on applying lesson plans
  • Cut the cost of replacing ageing hardware to store data.

Before moving, we ensure that you have the correct foundations for using the Cloud such as internet connectivity, wired and wireless infrastructure, licensing and so on.

Partnering with Praestantia ensures that you have access to our experienced pre sales team, as well as benefitting from the long term monetary savings that come from a sustainable ICT strategy with us. 


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Moving to the cloud?

we can migrate your systems, applications and data to the cloud - seamlessly!