Cloud Computing for Education

Flexible teaching and learning with cloud services 

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly relevant in our day to day lives. By having a cloud strategy your students and teachers are able to use technology in a school environment the same way they might use it outside of school, giving teachers improved flexibility in the way they can teach. The cloud also supports educators planning and marking away from school premises by providing them with secure access to teaching resources and online materials from any location.

Multi Academy Trusts can use the cloud to realise benefits including cost savings across the trust. Your MAT can use the cloud to consolidate individual school systems, servers and infrastructure into one unified network, improving collaboration and reducing the amount of IT your MAT requires to support its pupils and teachers.

At Praestantia we realise that jumping into the cloud can be big move, however our approach is to create a vision with you, breaking this down in to manageable steps that we can deliver along with a robust implementation plan.

Our cloud services can be tailored for your education setting

Cloud Computing

  • Microsoft Office365
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Servers
  • Microsoft Azure

Internet & Filtering

  • Fully managed internet
  • Fully managed user based content filtering
  • Fully managed firewalls

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