Web Filtering & Firewalls for Schools

Super quick and super secure broadband for schools 

Using the latest superfast fibre technology, where available, Praestantia Technology are able to deliver resilient and secure broadband connections for schools. Our service is safe and secure thanks to industry standard firewall solutions and user-specific content filtering that can integrate with active directory, ensuring that different filtering rules can apply to different year groups and teaching staff.

Content filtering to ensure pupils remain safe online

Our filtering solution is easy to use and full training can be given to on-site staff, should you wish. We're happy to make any changes on your behalf though and we're constantly updating our filtering rules to ensure pupils remain safe on the internet. For schools with dedicated on-site ICT support we're happy to support your team with the router and firewall, ensuring that your network is totally under your control - in addition, there are no restrictions on the amount of IP addresses and full support for VLANs.

Superfast Internet

Firewall & Content Filtering

Cloud Computing

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Would you like a secure, robust broadband connection?

Should you want a line upgrade, FTTC or leased line with a fully managed router and firewall our experts can deliver.