North Newton Primary School

The Challenge

Before partnering with Praestantia Technology, the use of IT within the school was teacher led learning often resulting in a stressful interaction with slow logon times. This inevitably resulted in wasted learning time. 

Students and Teachers alike often had to wait 10-15 minutes for the devices to load up.

Remote access for the staff’s well-being was also patchy, resulting in the teachers often staying late in school to finish work that so easily could be done from home.

Support was equally poor and reactive, as opposed to proactive and the school had to rely on regular onsite visits.

The school didn’t have a programme of improvement in place regarding how to resolve the issues we were having. What we did have in place was not fit for purpose which had a direct impact on the children’s learning ability. 

We haven’t been surprised by anything from the team at Praestantia Technology- They have delivered exactly what they said they would and as a school, we have gained more confidence in technology.

The Solution

At the start of the process, we tried to understand the core issues of the school, taking into consideration the teaching and learning barriers. This was very much from a ‘how does IT affect your day to day teaching’ viewpoint, not the actual technical problem. From there we started to create a three year IT strategy. 

To tackle slow performance and staff wellbeing, the school moved to our “serverless school” solution taking full advantage of the Microsoft 365 Education platform whilst hosting their SIMS database in our Azure Hosted SIMS environment.

By using this solution, it gave the school a good foundation to develop their IT strategy.

Of course, with any new system, it is key to have a user adoption training package in place, which was provided.

Having moved to a serverless solution, it has reduced the school's demand and cost on IT support, allowing them to have a proactive relationship rather than a constant raft of technical issues and barriers. 

The Outcome

Now the teachers have the confidence to teach IT through the curriculum, whilst having the ability to work from anywhere. 

All teachers have said that they wish that we had made the move sooner and that we have revolutionised the whole IT Set up, this has instilled confidence in the students and teachers.

  • No more wasted learning time and more child lead learning.
  • All previous issues and problems have been resolved. If they have an issue, they are now confident that this will be resolved with a proactive and positive approach.
  • They now have the latest technologies in place that are effective tools for learning. 

I have to admit I was nervous to go from having a regular onsite visit to an IT Managed Service desk. However, Praestantia’s offering is a different level

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