Audio Visual Installation & Solutions

Praestantia Technology are specialists in audio visual equipment and installation. We use our knowledge and expertise to deliver a vast range of IT and Audio Visual services to users within the business and educational sectors. Only the highest quality, most effective and cost-efficient audio visual equipment will behand-picked based on the needs of your business.

Audio Visual Solutions

AV is absolutely key to facilitating an effective workforce in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. What can effective Audio Visual technology bring your business?

Communication, Connection and Collaboration

With virtual meetings fast becoming a staple in the corporate world, audio visual solutions are key to ensuring that colleagues, clients and partners are able to collaborate, communicate and share information easily and effectively. 


AV solutions help improve workplace productivity by providing both physical and virtual spaces that enable teams to work together both locally and remotely. Furthermore, as the diversity of devices in the workplace increases, av technology can help your business make the most of meetings with the help of wireless presentation systems that providing a user-friendly way of presenting and sharing of content quickly and easily from any device.


Audio visual technology helps businesses provide engaging, interactive spaces that facilitate the sharing of ideas and help foster creative thinking, problem-solving and collaborative interactions.

Audio Visual Equipment 

Praestantia understands how important effective visual and audio systems are to your business. We source only the best products from known and trusted brands and have a broad range of visual and audio systems available. At Praestantia we aim to deliver effective audio visual solutions and believe good communication and ongoing technical support is key to achieving this. By providing high-quality guidance and training to our clients, we can ensure that the AV equipment we supply and install will be well understood so that it can be used easily and effectively.

Our Audio Visual Services:

Video conferencing

No matter their location, video conferencing makes it easy for staff, clients and partners to participate in meetings, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and enabling a more agile workforce.

Interactive displays

Interactive displays facilitate collaboration by allowing information to be dealt with in a more meaningful way. They streamline sharing, maximise productivity and improve business processes.

Fully integrated wireless presentation systems

As workplaces become more technologically complex, our wireless presentation solutions provide businesses with an easy way of sharing presentations and other content wirelessly, from any device. We offer free site demonstrations of our wireless presentation systems.

Other products we offer include:

  • Digital Signage
  • Control Systems
  • Video Walls
  • Projection and Audio Systems
  • Room Booking Systems

Audio Visual Installation

Our team of expert audio visual technicians install all the solutions chosen for your business. Our team of specialists takes a personalised approach that involves getting to know your business and your vision in order to help you choose the most appropriate av solutions to suit your needs. We offer a consulting and site survey beforehand to ensure that only the highest quality, most effective and cost-efficient audio visual equipment will be hand-picked based on the needs of your business. These systems will be installed by our team of knowledgeable experts.

Audio Visual Somerset

We are based in Taunton, Somerset and offer our Audio Visual services to Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Southampton and all surrounding areas. 

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