Should we embrace the modern meeting room and workplace collaboration?

As technology evolves and improves, so does the way in which we work. Now more than ever, businesses are using technology to improve ways of working. This extends far beyond simply using the latest computers or installing a new piece of software; but to upgrading meeting spaces, collaborating across multiple teams and office locations and benefiting from wireless presentations. Though these options were not available until recent years, they have quickly become invaluable to improve core business processes and productivity.

The Importance of Video Conferencing

One of the key components of a modern meeting room is video conferencing; video conferencing allows different teams to work together, from different locations. It’s a form of collaboration that doesn’t require all participants to be in the same room, enabling businesses to realise benefits such as reduced travel costs, less time spent in meetings and quicker decision making.

Collaboration in the workplace is becoming increasingly more popular, and this is largely due to how accessible it now is in terms of cost and also ease of use. With a few pieces of software and modern technology, different departments can collaborate together. Similarly, it is very easy for individuals to work alongside each other. With video conferencing solutions such as Starleaf and Zoom, more and more working environments are using video conferencing as a key resource.

The Benefits of a Wireless Presentations

Technology has led to the investment and modernisation of meeting spaces, something that is a huge benefit to both employers and employees. Previously, meetings were often seen as dull and drab experiences where somebody presents and others listen, however this is now no longer the case. The modern meeting space is now made up of state of the art computers, interactive display technology and the ability to present wirelessly enabling a truly collaborative environment.

One of the biggest successes in the modern meeting room is the ability to connect a device to a meeting room display and present wirelessly – getting rid of the ‘cable clutter’ on the meeting room table that more often than not confuses users. Thanks to systems from the likes of Mersive and Barco, meeting participants can now easily sync up and broadcast their presentations wirelessly to a display in the meeting room; there’s no need for wires or complex setups. Not only does this cut down on technological difficulties, but it makes the entire process a lot more streamlined for users. Wireless presentations are also a lot more secure than guest users connecting to a corporate network via an in-room PC. The ease and speed that comes with using systems such as Mersive and Barco reduce the strain that is put on in-house IT departments and improves the user experience.

As you can see, the modern meeting room and collaboration in the workplace are being driven by an influx of technology. With so many resources available, workplaces are able to improve on the way tasks are done whilst optimising the workforce.

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