Get ready for Microsoft's software support deadlines!

What’s happening in 2020? 

Next year in early 2020, some of the software that you most likely use every day in work or school will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Whilst this is a year away, it’s sensible to understand the potential impact this might have on you, your work and what you might need to consider as upgrading these applications is likely to take some time. 

Don’t panic though, the applications mentioned will not suddenly stop working in January 2020, however any computers running this software will no longer receive updates and patches from Microsoft that keep the applications secure and stable which means that if there are any security vulnerabilities in the software, then they could therefore be exploited by hackers and viruses. 

Similar to other cyber attacks that you might have heard of, such as the Wanna Cry infection that was around last year, that was as a result of companies still running Windows XP, which is also no longer supported by Microsoft……. 

The applications that will no longer be supported by Microsoft are listed below: 

  • Windows 7 
  • Office 2010  
  • Exchange 2010  
  • Server 2008

So, what do I need to do? 

Yes, 2020 is still a long way away, but now is the time to do something about it before it’s too late and the potential risk of viruses and hacks becomes real. 

If you’re unsure if you use these pieces of software, then our team will be delighted to do a free software audit and report to help identify the software you’re using and recommend a plan to minimise any risks and budget planning in readiness for the 2020 deadline! 

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