How Important is ICT Within Multi Academy Trusts?

How important is ICT within Multi Academy Trusts? 

Though standard schools and single academies are faced with a range of ICT challenges, the task of creating a successful ICT strategy is a lot more difficult for multi academy trusts. This is because not only do they need to take into consideration the same things that individual schools and academies do, such as cost and performance, but they also need to consider whether the ICT strategy in place will work just as well across multiple academies.

As each academy is different, this is not something that comes easily. Simply, what works for one may not work for another. The challenge lies in finding solutions that work at a consistent level across different academies, whilst not compromising on ICT performance or quality.

What ICT challenges do Multi Academy Trusts face?

Many multi academy trusts are built on collaboration and they come together in order to provide a higher quality of education, with a range of different resources available. However, there needs to be a balance between allowing multiple academies to collaborate, whilst still providing a high standard of ICT. Singular schools and academies have the benefit of being free to create ICT solutions that meet their specific and individual needs, but this isn't a luxury that multi academy trusts have. Instead, multi academy trusts must look at a much broader picture.

Another challenge that is unique to multi academy trusts comes with how data is shared throughout the trust. As multi academy trusts rely on collaboration, there is a great deal of information that needs to be shared from one to another. However, this brings with it the question of data security. All academies must be compliant with data security expectations set out by governing bodies, but regulating this across multiple academies is not easy.

Though the ICT challenges of a multi academy trust differ from those that are not part of such a group, their needs remain to be similar. All academies require ICT that will enhance their ability to educate students; it must have a beneficial impact on the way students learn, it must provide a wide range of teaching tools and it must improve the overall learning experience. 

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