BETT Show 2019

Last week marked another year of the BETT show, #bett2019 and the Praestantia team had a jaunt to London to see some new Edtech that was offering some educational value! We've jotted down our thoughts of the show, the good, the bad.... and the not so good. 

Whilst the show is still massive and does have a real 'buzz' on the show floor, we were underwhelmed by BETT 2019 and some of the things on offer. We've been going for the last 15 years and always go to look for something new, that can offer real educational value, often around the edges of the show, you know the ones that clearly are passionate about their products and education. Of course, the usual suspects were all there and as always you couldn’t miss the Microsoft and Google stands. 

We did listen to a number of the talks which were innovative and inspiring in the BETT arena. Topics of interest were the Microsoft talks in their training academy we if you are using Office 365 in Education, however, it did feature heavily on Teams, of which we're yet to be convinced of the benefits this can bring. 

One of the reasons for going to BETT is to learn, with our clients and to look for new technologies that enhance the education market not only from a curricular stand point but the administrative/business side too. 


Microsoft announced their answer to the Chromebook, aptly named the Winbook and although not released in the UK I popped over to the Lenovo stand to take a look at what I thought would be a cut down version of Windows. It most certainly was not. On display Lenovo (amongst others) had their versions of a WinBook and in particular the Lenovo 14W and the 300e caught my eye! I can really see the 14W taking off and although the Intel version is due just before the summer holidays, the AMD version was quick, light and looked robust.  

The 300e equally was impressive, again, a Q2 release date is expected but to be able to use touch without a stylus was awesome!   


Redstor never fail to change with the market, now promoting themselves as a Data Management System truly shows their passion to enhance every offering. I was really impressed at how they have developed Instant Restore, which is one thing I had never really thought about…..if the worse does happen and you have 2TB’s in the cloud, how long will it take to download? Instant Restore basically makes a ghost image if the worse case happens and will download the files you want to access on demand whilst continually downloading your data  


One of our deputy heads was very impressed with the talks on integrating Office 365 in the curriculum but the look on her face was brilliant when the presenter showed the learning tools functionality within the different suite.  

Check out the Microsoft Promo Video 

Sign In App 

A COO and a business manager both had business needs to address with visitor management, and it was rather timely that we stumbled across Sign In App. 

Sign In App is a modern, enjoyable way to sign in visitors. Create a positive impression from the moment guests walk into your reception. As your visitors sign in, their details are stored in a secure online portal providing you with a real-time fire list and reports.  

It’s price was also quite remarkable, starting from £295 pa for the app up to around £999 for a full solution. 

 Interactive Flat Panels 

We couldn’t forget to mention the ever growing market of interactive flat panels.  

For me a panel is a panel and certainly what our clients were looking for were “who was really interested in partnership”  

Boxlight Mimio, a new entrant to the market since purchasing Cohuba (a UK manufacturer) have really showed their commitment to the UK and academies market. Ranging from 65”-86” everything just works. Whilst I believe the days on separate software such as SMART Notebook are numbered they do offer Mimio studio which converts the majority of competitors files.  

Also, a congratulations goes to Clevertouch who celebrate there 10 year anniversary, they’ve recently bought out an M-Series that tries to compete at the entry point of the market whilst their plus series is their platinum range.