The benefits of using Office 365 in education

A lot of people simply see Office 365 as an email tool and a way to type up documents in Word. In fact, a lot of people in the education sector fail to get the most out of Office 365 and the real benefits that it can bring. However, Office 365 boasts a number of tools and apps that are ideal for use in an education setting. 

Why should office 365 be used in Education? 

There are a number of benefits that come with using Office 365 in education and this is something that is seen right from educating young children up to educating adults in higher education. Whether it’s a small primary school or a much larger university, Office 365 can benefit students of all ages and in a range of different education environments. For example: 

Organisation is key

Office 365 helps teachers and students to organise everything. Whether it’s learning resources or student feedback, Office 365 makes finding documents extremely easy. This is extremely important when it comes to referring back to class notes and staying on top of lesson plans. Plus, it cuts down on lost student work and misplaced files. 

Get creative

Regardless of the type of education being given, it can be very difficult to keep students engaged and excited about a lesson. Let’s face it, most students lose enthusiasm very quickly. However, Office 365 combats this by offering a range of interactive lesson resources and tools to build engaging content. Instead of simply writing notes or giving a lecture, Office 365 allows for a lot more creativity.    

Collaborate together

There are many different ways of learning and some tasks call for individual work, whereas others call for students to work together. This is easy with Office 365. Office 365 allows for information to be shared and stored through the cloud, which means students on different devices are all able to access the same resources simultaneously.  

Though there are many different alternatives to Office 365, it remains to be a common choice within the education sector. This is because it offers all of the necessary solutions that a school or university needs, as well as others that enhance the learning experience. After all, why settle for a standard presentation when Office 365 boasts impressive PowerPoint tools?

What's next?

If your school of MAT are considering the move to more cloud based services with Microsoft Office 365, then the team at Praestantia are able top support you with this change and implement a solution that will support your vision. Call us on 0330 124473 or email